Terms & Conditions

COPE Galway Christmas Swim 2022 Event Terms and Conditions 

When you register for the COPE Galway Christmas Swim, you agree to these terms and conditions. 

The COPE Galway 2022 Christmas Swim will take place from December 20 to 26, 2022. Participants can swim at any location of their choosing or attend the “live event” on Christmas Day, 9am-1pm. 

Your safety is of paramount importance: 

You will not participate in the Christmas Swim unless you are medically fit to do so. You will seeking medical advice if appropriate. Please take a few minutes to read the safety guidelines.
Ensure you understand the physical nature of the event and that you are accepting you will be participating entirely at your own risk.
Only take photos and video of your own family/children. 
Please ensure that you follow water safety advice:  
Choose a safe place to swim. Be aware of the weather forecast and local wind, tides and currents.
Never swim alone, and ensure that you are visible from the shore. 
Wear a wetsuit, a brightly coloured swim cap and a tow float to increase your visibility. 
Get in, get out, warm up.
Slowly acclimate to cold water to reduce the risk of cold water shock. 
Get dry and warmed up afterwards. Wrap up well in extra layers of clothing. 

All participants under 16 require parental supervision and it is for parents to decide if the event is appropriate for their child, seeking additional information, if necessary. 

COVID-19: You are expected to abide by all government guidance aimed at preventing the transmission of the virus; including social distancing at all times.   
COPE Galway reserves the right to change the format, date and/or time of the Swim Event or to cancel it, in whole or in part, without notice or liability to you. We will notify you of changes via email communication and our website.  
COPE Galway, its employees and volunteers accept no liability whatsoever to participants or spectators in respect of any loss, damage or personal injury which may be sustained in the course of this event other than personal injury (including death) caused by our negligence. 
Liability cannot be accepted for any damage, injury or loss arising from the negligence of participants (whether through failure to observe the rules of the event or otherwise).